The Foundational Key I Teach All of My Clients

Let’s talk about the one thing that has the ability to change the trajectory your life.

If you get this one thing right, you can kiss those crazy, chaotic mornings good-bye.

Would you like to know what the CEO of Starbucks, Oprah Winfrey and my most successful clients all have in common?

All of them have created a Daily Ritual.

Every morning and every night they’re choosing to take some time (it could be as little as 5 minutes at a time) to reflect and refocus.

They take time out of their day, to intentionally engage their mind, their body and their spirit.

When I talk to my clients about creating their own Daily Ritual, I encourage them to write about their goals/intentions for the day, move their body, and take time to visualize how their day will unfold.

For some of them, it looks like bulletting three action items on a list, doing some jumping jacks and visualizing the day ahead while they’re in the shower.

For others it looks like waking up to relaxing music, writing in their journal, praying and doing some gentle stretches… all before their feet ever hit the floor.

Because the Daily Ritual goes against our “do more to be more” culture, it’s going to feel counterintuitive.

But when you get the Daily Ritual right, you will transform your morning.

And when you feel in control of your morning, it changes the outcome of your day.

And when the outcome of your days are positive, you have the ability to change the trajectory of your life.

I know it sounds simple.

Because it is.

Doing your Daily Ritual every day, is indeed simple.

However, it’s not easy.

So, to set them up for success, I coach my clients to start small. Create a ritual that feels comfortable for you, and one that you’ll want to stick with.

Soon you’ll gather momentum and experience big shifts.

Are you curious to discover more details about creating your own Daily Ritual?

I’ve written about it in my eBook , 7 Days to Loving Your Life Again. Click on the link, and I’ll send your free copy today.

I look forward to hearing from you.

What rituals do you already have? How are they helping you?


Lisa Bobyak, Living Fully Balanced, LLC, inspires and equips smart, passionate women. For over 13 years, she’s been transforming audiences through her raw, real and engaging presentations. A model of resilience, she was diagnosed with a stroke at 44, betrayed by her husband, divorced after 20 years of marriage and left in debt. Lisa has since recreated her life and is thriving. She’s now driven to create a cultural shift: Running on empty doesn’t have to be the norm.