A Personalized Roadmap

to Your Balanced Life


If there’s one thing

you crave

as you find yourself drowning in yet another to-do,

it’s unyielding support.


The kind that cushions those feelings of failure with a swift reality check that you did your best.

The kind that awakens you to a more efficient, more joyful way of doing what needs to get done.

The kind that reminds you of a dear friend who also happens to be a well of expertise and helpful insight.

The kind that equips you with the tools to map out your day, manage your emotions, and own your time like never before.

THIS is the experience of having a Life Balance and Personal Leadership Coach in your corner and it’s the secret to thriving within the busy-ness of your life.


6 Week Comprehensive Coaching Program

Designed for the woman in search of high-touch,
personalized support week by week.



It’s perfect for you if…

  • You want more control over your time and your schedule and need flexible scheduling options

  • You wish for balance but don’t know what that looks like

  • You want to increase your energy, focus, and capacity

  • You want support and guidance on HOW to make changes

  • You thrive with personalized attention and guidance


  • Weekly, 60-minute private coaching sessions

  • Email, text and Voxer access between sessions

  • The Living Fully Balanced Life Planner

  • Customized worksheets and action plans


Happy People

Who have worked with Lisa


“My life is by no means calm and simple, or any less busy since working with Lisa. But...I’m focusing my time and energy where I want it, instead of where I feel life pulling me. And that’s a really good feeling. So, when I’m exhausted at the end of the day, I know that I’m exhausted because I spent my time on what matters.”

~ Meghann Harker, homeschooling mom of 4 and fifth generation family member, Minnesota



Before meeting with Lisa, I felt like I was in a downward spiral, stuck in a rut with old habits. In a short period of time, with her welcoming and effective method, I was able to find myself with a much better attitude. This change in attitude resulted in very positive changes in my life. I love the fact that working with her is not a cookie cutter format. I felt that the program was designed for me, specifically for my personality type. Lisa is caring, her place is so welcoming, and time flies when I’m with her. I highly encourage anyone seeking balance to meet with Lisa. Thank you, Lisa!
— Paty Conchon, Wayzata, MN
When I contacted Lisa, I was recovering from a very difficult divorce.  I had been self-medicating myself with food and had gained a significant amount of weight.  I was at a low point in my life.  I needed someone to help me find myself again.  When doing a google search I found Lisa and contacted her.  Immediately upon talking over the phone and meeting with her, I felt that she truly understood me and listened without judging me.  The lightbulb went off for me when Lisa shared with me that I needed to talk to myself like I would my best friend.  I had been beating myself and speaking very negatively to myself in my head.  Lisa has been inspirational and so helpful.  I have learned so much from her and have pulled myself out of the negative spiral I had been on.  I will forever be grateful for the work that we have done together and look forward to our continued coaching.  If you feel lost or out of control, I strongly encourage you to begin working with her!
— Amy Gunderson (Brooklyn Park, MN)
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