Taking Care of Yourself Isn’t Selfish.

It’s Non-Negotiable


When you’re…

The glue that holds your family together
The accomplished executive at the office
The PTA star who can’t say no to all of the committees
The task juggler who never drops the ball

… you also tend to come last on your list.

The last one to eat dinner. The last one to relax. The last one to head to bed.

While you’ve been happy to give so much to the ones you love and devote yourself to your career, there’s no denying your vitality is taking a hit.

There’s a heavy, unyielding exhaustion that can’t be offset with even the strongest red eye from Starbucks.

There’s tension knotted tightly in your shoulders, neck, and back that even your massage therapist seems concerned about.

And there’s an underlying anxiety that sits in your cells that can’t be calmed by even the best night’s rest.

As your head hits the pillow at the end of the day, feeling the fatigue wash over you, there’s usually a moment where truth taps you on the shoulder …


 Could I be doing this better? Is there another way? Will I always feel this tired? Can I keep this up? Do I really have to wait until life slows down to shift a little focus on me?

Honestly? You wouldn’t mind feeling as calm and collected as you make it all look. You wouldn’t mind being more in control of how you spend your time. And you wouldn’t mind having the space to take a deep breath.

That’s why you’re here.

You’re hoping, searching, and ready for a better way
- and the good news is you’ve found it.


 As a Life Balance and Personal Leadership Coach, it’s my mission to arm high-achieving, overly-scheduled women - like you - with the resources to find balance in “the busy”. That means - restoring your energy, feeling beautiful in your skin, and expanding your capacity to be fully present in - and fully in love with - your full life.

Like the sound of that?

Here’s how I can support you.