Create More Capacity.

Not More To-Do’s.

The number of things you can fit into 24 hours?
They might as well call you Superwoman, because you play the “hero” from the moment you wake up.

Swiftly getting yourself, and everyone else, up and out the door. Racing to the office at what could be called breakneck speed. And switching from business meeting to dinner planning within seconds.

While you feel blessed, you can’t help but tell it like it is – life is bursting at the seams with responsibilities, to-do’s, and a running list of fires to put out.

As a result, you’re in constant motion – often without taking a deep breath.

That right there?

It’s called auto-pilot mode, a survival mode state of living, being, and doing that strips women of their vitality and joy because there is simply no room, no time, and no space to nourish someone very important: themselves.

While there’s no denying this is the root cause of your exhaustion, irritability, and palpable overwhelm, you don’t know how else to operate without letting everyone down.


Here’s the good news.

There isn’t just another way.

there is a better way.

One that allows you to…

Make yourself a healthy meal AND still be an excellent mom.
Take a block of “down time” AND still be a high-powered executive.
Optimize your planning AND still keep all the balls in the air.

The secret lies in embracing a way of living that allows you
to take care of yourself with every decision you make.

That’s what I call RADICAL SELF CARE.

(Don’t worry. I’ll show you HOW.)

Happy People


Heather Drews.png

“I originally reached out to Lisa to help me better communicate with a business partner. But, what I’ve found is that our coaching has a trickle down effect. I’ve definitely improved how I communicate and respond in business, but the way I relate to my spouse, my kids and my friends has deepened, too. Even though things around me may be chaotic, I’m able to keep my life on track and experience a sense of peace through the chaos.”

~ Heather Drews, co-owner, Drews Total Concrete, Shakopee, MN




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