How To Get Your Summer To-Do List Done Before Labor Day

Summer’s been awesome hasn’t it?

It’s been lighter longer and we’re staying up later.

The warmer days make the perfect backdrop for cool cocktails on the deck.

Schedules are more flexible with the kids.

With that expansive, fresh feeling, many of us go into the summer eager to tackle a big to-do list that we just hadn’t had time for.

And now that we’re only 25 days away from Labor Day, maybe you’re like me and you're feeling the push to get it all done.

Even though it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all that we still need to get done, we’ve got to avoid the “all or nothing” trap. (You know that thought, “Since I can’t get it all done, I’m just going to throw in the towel and try again in the fall.”)

You can’t do everything… but you must do something.

Here’s how I’m going get my summer to-do list done.

First, I’m going to examine my list and circle the things that are a priority AND they’re realistic to accomplish in the next 25 days.

Because I’m optimistic and I naturally have high hopes, this might just be the hardest part for me… to be realistic with what I can get done in 25 days.

I’m going to have to be ruthlessly honest in determining whether it’s realistic to accomplish. And then I’m going to circle those things.

Second, looking at the items I’ve circled, I’m not going to overthink it, (Yup, another thing that’s tough me.) and I’m going to take action on ONE of those things I’ve circled.

That’s it. Just one thing today.

Because I’m a recovering perfectionist I’ve got to be honest with you. It’s really tough for me not to want to focus on everything on my list. But, I know the truth.

When we focus on everything, nothing gets focused on.

So, I'll put my attention on only one thing and actually do it (or schedule it) today.

I know how unimpressive the little actions are. They’re definitely not as sexy or exciting as dreaming boldly and going big.

But, I also know this truth.

I can’t do everything. But I must do one thing.

The high achieving, busy women I coach are always surprised by how much they can actually get done, when they break it down into small steps.

Small steps taken over time, make a big impact.

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I know by taking intentional action, you’ll be able to get that to-do list “ta-done” before Labor Day. 

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