Love Your Life Again Challenge

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Love Your Life Again Challenge


Tired of running on empty?

Ready to start loving your life again?

Our 8 day Love Your Life Again Challenge is perfect for you!

“The LYLA Challenge is a great way to get back on track. It was the gentle nudge I needed. The bootcamp kind of courses just leave me feeling beat up and guilty. But this is doable! This is a compassionate journey and Lisa is a wise coach and guide.” - Meg Svensson

In the Love Your Life Again Challenge we focus on:

  • Easy to implement and sustain strategies

  • Breaking the exhausting cycle of ‘running on empty’

  • Learning to love your life as it is right now while still growing

What you get:

  • 8 Coaching Videos (A video a day)

  • 8 Handouts

  • E-Book: 7 Days to Loving Your Life Again by Lisa Bobyak

  • Support from a community of high achieving women who are ready to drop their shields and just show up raw and real

What results you will see:

  • Increase in energy and focus

  • Feeling like you are the master of your time and that there is more of it

  • A renewed passion for your life

  • Excitement and inspiration to sustain the changes

  • A reduce in overwhelm

“Lisa’s a great motivator- no pressure, no put-downs; lots of encouragement and support. We can all use more tools in our toolbox and the LYLA Challenge provides that- and it’s only $10.00!!!” - Marlys Mooney

Join Lisa in the next 8 day “Love your Life Again” Challenge starting August 12, 2018!

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