What Are Women Thinking? (You just may be surprised.)

I just lead 65 women (ages 17-80) in a morning of "Living Fully Balanced in Lent and Beyond."

EVERY TIME I facilitate a group of women, I am humbled by their raw, real eagerness to connect on a deeper level. It's a privilege to be among their grace and strength.

Yesterday, before we got rolling into the content, I asked them, "What do you hope to get out of this morning's enrichment event?

Their answers where added to a white board. 

"Finding Peace"

"Letting Go"

"Releasing Guilt"

"Building Community"

"Saying No"

"The Courage to Change"

"Permission to Act"

"Fulfillment During Transition"

"Finding Joy"

"Dropping the Veil"

Do you happen to notice any common themes?

Is there anything in this list that's running through YOUR head, too?

Here's the thing.



Let's get this conversation out in the open. 

It's been too long that we've kept the sabotaging inner dialogue to ourselves.

When we share it and recognize that we're not alone, those limiting beliefs lose their power.

Powerful and profound shifts happen when a safe space is created to #droptheveil and #justshowup. 

Living Fully Balanced provides trainings that cover the areas of resilience, life balance and courageous conversations that promise is to leave your group feeling engaged, enlightened, encouraged and empowered. 

Suited for young and old; audiences of faith and secular; small businesses and corporations alike.

The internal dialogue is the same, and so are the strategies that support positive shifts.

What items on this whiteboard list do you struggle with, too?

Is there something that's NOT on this list that you're currently wrestle with?

Please comment below.

Let's talk about what you're thinking.


Lisa Bobyak is founder of Living Fully Balanced, LLC, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping busy women balance their lives and create space for what matters most. Lisa’s dynamic talks spring from her 13 years of transforming women’s lives, and delivering her powerful program, Love Your Life Again, Her graceful and inviting style pulls audiences in immediately, leaving them feeling affirmed and inspired to move forward with confidence and courage, Lisa is the author of 7 Days to Loving Your Life Again, and hosts a popular radio show Living Fully Balanced with Lisa. Because she has overcome unexpected challenges and thrived in spite of them, it’s become her mission to help others bounce back from the changes and challenges in life, so that their next chapter is balanced and even better than before.