The Daily Ritual: Your New Secret Weapon

With the new year, I have fresh energy around my business and I’m deeply interested in serving my clients better.

With service on my mind, I wanted to know more about what they think about, what they worry about and what keeps them stuck. So, in a recent email I asked some questions.

One of the questions I asked was, “What current challenges occupy your thoughts most often?”

What replies do you think I got?

Those who responded to my question shared with me that they feel too busy and are often overwhelmed.

They have a tough time saying “no” to others, and an even harder time saying “yes” to themselves.

They told me that they spend too much time in reaction mode, and not enough time in reflective measured response.

And although their days are full, they don’t have a structure or routine that helps them keep them focused on their goals.

And more than half of those who responded to me, currently are thinking about losing weight or are trying diligently to maintain the weight they fought so hard to lose.

To all of you who took the time and responded to my request and shared your story with me, I say THANK YOU. Because for each one of you who shared, I know there are a dozen others who experience similar challenges.

And for all of you who can totally relate with the stories shared above,I have three words that have the potential to change the trajectory of your year.


Your Daily Ritual can create calm and control among the busyness of your life.

It can increase your energy and sustain your focus.

People who engage in a regular Daily Ritual feel in control of their day, and they have a handle on their emotions.

And those who practice a Daily Ritual are confident that the foods they want to eat, are the foods that work best for them.

I had a tough time believing that one, single thing could bring more calm, confidence, control, energy, focus, reflection and weight loss into my life. And I wonder if you have your doubts, too.

Here’s some material to back up the Daily Ritual claim.

Tim Ferris, author of three #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, states, “If you win the morning, you win the day.”

He believes it’s how he frames the importance of the first 60-90 minutes of his day that will facilitate or handicap the next 12 plus hours.  

So what can your Daily Ritual look like?

For Oprah, it looks like 20 minutes of complete silence. For the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, it’s biking with his wife at 5:30am.

I’m not as hard core as either of those two. But I am a stickler about keeping a ritualistic routine.

Because high achievers have extremely busy days, they prefer some kind of routine. They know what they're doing works, which enables them to tackle the world. I want that for me, too.

Here’s what my Daily Ritual looks like:

I begin each day with 30 minutes devoted solely to me and to my goals.

Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I have a stretching routine I do.

Once I’ve stretched, I head to the kitchen to “my happy place”. This is where my Nespresso machine and frother live in harmony. Once my Americano is warmly in my hand, I spend some time in prayer and gratitude.

After I’ve read in my book of devotions and written in my gratitude journal, I set my intentions for the day.

I limit big goals or states of being to only three. I know 3 goals per day may not sound like a lot. But there’s a reason for this. (overachievers, take note.) I want success. I don't want to fail. 

Embarrassingly, I’ve had the same goal on my list for two years now; to read more. Because I want this to be the year that I actually really do read more books, I’ve added reading to my Daily Ritual. I now read 20-30 pages each morning, after writing in my gratitude journal and before I begin my work.

So there you have it. The Daily Ritual. It's the secret weapon, of sorts, of top performers. And it can be yours, too.

It’s so simple. Yet what you will receive from your Daily Ritual can profoundly change your life.

So, I ask you. What routine do you have in the morning?

Do you have a routine in the evening that sets you up for success?

Share it with us here. so we can all benefit from what works for you.

Lisa Bobyak now proudly calls herself a former “all or nothing” girl. Once she ditched that unhelpful mindset, she was able to lose her excess weight and keep it off for good. Her energy level at 50 is higher than it was at 25. Her friends wanted to know what caused the shift. So, she did what any old school teacher would do. She created a simple approach to mindset and behavioral change that promises sustainable results without guilt or shame. She now works with busy women one on one, leads online programs and speaks to groups of all sizes. As a trained coach, Lisa knows that living fully balanced is always a work in progress and she welcomes company along her journey. Check out for simple strategies to balance your life. If you'd like to schedule a time to talk with Lisa, click here.