Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything.

Every once in awhile I see offerings that are totally awesome and worth my time and effort. But I say “NO” to them, even though I know they would help, because the timing is just wrong for me.

I’m wondering if that’s ever happened for you when I offer something here, through Living Fully Balanced.

If so, HIGH FIVE to you! There’s something so empowering about saying “NO” and trusting that when you need that thing, it will show up again when the time is right.

I’m reaching out today to see if now is the right time for you to say “YES”.

I’m about to launch a fresh term of The Love Your Life Again Program on Sept. 11th.

Is this the time for you to get strategies and tools to hop off your hamster wheel?

Does this feel like the time to reprioritize so you can catch a break?

Check out what past participants have to say:

“I would highly recommend working with Lisa and joining

The Love Your Life Again Program.

I guarantee that she cares deeply about each of her clients and

will give 100% of her attention to helping you fulfill your goals.”   

- Michelle, Cleveland, Ohio, Development Associate at Recovery Resources


"I was starting to drown, and going into a downward spiral. I didn't know how to deal with all of the changes in my family. I'm in the sandwich generation and both my parents and my children are needing me. Your program ,was better than therapy for me. I learned skills at the beginning of each week, and I loved the support and community I felt with the other group members. These women knew what was going on in my life, and it was so helpful to take what we were learning together and share what was working in our lives. After working with Lisa, I sleep well, have more energy and am feeling in control of my life." - Suzy Ellis



Details for The Love Your Life Again Program

Who: busy, nurturing women who want to stop running on empty

What: a one-of-a-kind, high touch program including personal coaching, group coaching and support, and self study content and experiences.

Where: whenever and wherever you are

When: September 11, 2017 through November 20, 2017

(12 weeks, just in time to set yourself up for a fulfilling holiday season)

Contact me to learn more and to schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session. 


Lisa Bobyak lives by Teddy Roosevelt's words, " Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are." Although she’s not perfectly balanced all of the time, she knows first hand that the right information and support can mean the difference between all-or-nothing thinking and feeling healthy, happy and whole. Wish you knew how to get off the hamster wheel? Ready to trade in your "stress bunny" ways? Feel weighed down by heavy negative self-talk? Check out the people who took the first step and contacted Lisa, and now are feeling less stressed and more energetic. Want to learn more about her services, or hear the latest radio episode of Living Fully Balanced with Lisa? Or maybe you'd just like to check out what’s happening on her Facebook page. Go for it. And when you're ready to talk with Lisa, get on her schedule, and start living fully balanced... because running on empty doesn't have to be your norm..


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