There Once Was a Girl: A Story of Transition

Once upon a time, there was a young woman with a clear purpose. Her purpose was obvious from an early age. When other little girls were playing "house", she was playing "school". When she grew up, she attended one of the finest universities in the land, and with singular focus, she achieved her goal... to be a teacher.

All the school districts wanted her to teach their children. And while she was teaching those children and working with their families, she couldn't imagine anything more meaningful. Being an elementary school teacher was her purpose.

Until it wasn't.

As it often goes in such stories, this young woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. While she missed her students very much, she knew that this little infant needed her. She told the schools that she'd be back one day, and focused her attention on raising her daughter. Three years later, during an unusually warm spring, she and her husband welcomed another beautiful baby girl. It was as if this was the sign she needed. She was now clear that her life purpose was to nurture and foster each daughter's unique gifts.

She was happy and fulfilled with her new purpose.

This young woman's husband, at the time, was a go-getter. And she supported his excitement. They traveled far and wide to follow his dreams. And with each move, she found purpose in her role. She felt very much like a gardener. As a gardener nurtures the plants and sees that they receive the proper nourishment ensuring that they grow fully and beautifully, she made sure each family member received what they needed to grow and thrive in their new environments. She loved her role as her family's gardener and was happy with her purpose.

Until she wasn't.

What felt like a blink of an eye, her beautiful little girls, became strong, vibrant young women, and they no longer needed her in the way they once had. Though she expected her relationship with her daughters to change with the passing of time, I'm sad to say, that this wasn't the only relationship that changed. It hurt her deeply to realize that what she knew to be true in her happy marriage, wasn't. Her purpose was once clear.

Until it wasn't.

What was her purpose now?
Who did she want to be?
What impact did she want to make?

As the story unfolds, our main character is no longer a young woman with a clear purpose. She‛s a grown woman, filled with a strength and deep wisdom that could only come from unexpected and sometimes painful life experiences.

She wondered if perhaps there never was one single purpose for her after all. Maybe her purpose was meant to be created like a diamond; requiring the pressures of life to bring out it's true brilliance and value.

So, off she went to dig a little deeper and do some mining.

This is the story about transitions. It is a story OF transition. And while this is a part of my life story, the elements included here are universal, aren‛t they?

A youthful certainty.
A life-altering situation.
A wise, soulful new perspective.
And an intentional course adjustment.

When you find yourself in transition, ( you can trust that sometime, you will ) there are certain things that will support your growth and other things that will stunt it.

I've been there, and I have come out on the other side. I now have more clarity than I ever expected around my life purpose. And you can have that, too.

Contact me and we can talk about how that will look for you. You are the author of the next chapter of your life, and I can help you create your best story yet.

And now to the ending of our story.

Well, honestly, there is no end; only new beginnings.

Lisa Bobyak is owner and founder of Living Fully Balanced, LLC. She's trained as a Co -Active Coach and Facilitator and her practice focuses on resilience, balance and courageous conversations. Because she's overcome unexpected challenges herself, and thrived in spite of
them, Lisa's compelled to help others do the same. She implements the 8 Keys to Living Fully Balanced, along with Co -Active strategies, in her online course “8 Weeks to Living Fully
Balanced”, and in her private coaching. 612-702-9848

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