From Limiting to Empowering; How to Change A Mindset

Isn't it an awesome feeling when you walk into a room and you're courageous? You have no limiting beliefs because you are in a complete state of certainty. This clarity gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and to be your very best.

Unfortunately, those confident days are rare for many of us. Why? Because of the story we repeat in our heads. The story goes something like this: "I'm not good enough." It's a terrible
story that limits our confidence and keeps us tethered to living a pretty average life.

You know the life I'm talking about:
● You never stand out or draw attention to yourself.
● You would never question your boss in a meeting.
● You don't take time away from your family to go out with friends.
● You say yes to way too many volunteer commitments

Do any of these sound familiar? Maybe even embarrassingly uncomfortable?

One way to break the bonds of living a lie is to let go of your limiting beliefs .

But how?

Focus on creating affirmations that are specific and actionable . While affirmations like, "I
have all that I need" are helpful, they don't provide the specificity which anchor us to our
all-important WHY. Positively stated, actionable affirmations have the ability to change our
limiting belief into a story of power.

Here is an example:
Before: "I'm a yo-yo dieter. When I lose weight, I can't keep it off."
After: "My body and mind know what keeps me nourished, and I listen to their cues."

Coaching Questions:
What story have I been telling myself that holds me back?
What is possible when I release that limiting belief?
What affirmation will propel me forward instead?

A good strategy to stay connected to your new affirmation, is to set the alarm on your
smartphone so that it chimes every 60 minutes. Once the alarm goes off, recite your affirmation
until it becomes a habit.

The process of reprogramming your story is not easy, but with repetition, your limiting beliefs will
eventually be replaced by empowering ones.

Would you like to dig deeper into what's holding you back?

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