How to End Strong Even if You’re Feeling Defeated

At this time of year many people are feeling the stress of the extra commitments the holiday season brings.

And because they’re already frustrated with their lack of progress on personal goals, they take on a “to heck with it” mentality. They figure that they’ll just wait until the new year to start losing weight. It’s typical to decide to coast through the holidays and then kick it into high gear with a new year’s resolution to change some habits.

Don’t be typical, friends. Your goals are too important to wait.

If you don’t use the next 54 days intentionally, you’ll be in the same place as you are today. Or worse.

The good news is that you can decide to end the year strong.

And it doesn’t have to be about food rules, exercise routines or drinking shakes to cleanse your body. It doesn’t even have to take extra time out of your schedule.

Your success is not about all the information you know. (I’m actually pretty confident that you already know tons of information about losing weight, getting more organized, taking care of yourself, etc. )

The reason you’re feeling stuck has nothing to do with your strategy, your food program or which exercise routine you choose.

The reason (and please take this with the tough love I’m intending) you are still struggling with the same challenges over and over again… has to do with the excuses, the self limiting beliefs and the way we break promises to ourselves.

It’s not what you know how to do. It’s what you actually execute that matters.

I’d like to share my single best strategy with you so that you can use the time that’s remaining this year and finish strong.

STEP 1) Identify your biggest excuse. We all have them. It’s the statement we use to justify delay. “I’ll get to it tomorrow. I’m too tired to get up early to exercise. I’ll be more patient with the kids next time.”

Those common statements seem so benign. However, they point to an attitude that lacks integrity, accountability and control.

In order to end your year strong, you must be accountable and integrous with your actions.

And this process begins with awareness. Look out for excuses you mindlessly use throughout the day. (here’s a little hint...excuses often make us feel better at the time, but after the moment’s gone, we feel worse.)

Once you see the many ways you use excuses throughout the day, choose the one you use most often, It’s got the most power and it’s the statement we’re going to reframe.

STEP 2) Commit to being a person of action.  Because it’s not what you KNOW in the moment that will move you forward. It’s what you DO in the moment, that will.

When faced with a decision we have many choices to execute. But that choice will only have two directions.

Your choice will either move you toward your goal or away from it.

Create a mantra or question that will quickly reminds you of your goal. The one I use often is, “Is this helpful to me?” Here’s some other suggestions to get you started, “I am a person of integrity.” “I keep my promises to myself.” “My past actions do not define my future success.” “What’s in my control now?”

When you hear that old excuse popping up in your head (and you will… give yourself grace while you extinguish that habit) stop and pause. You don’t need to listen to those unhelpful words any longer. You can choose to listen to the new mantra you created for yourself.

Friends, what you want most is more important than what you want at the moment.

You don’t have to end the year feeling drained, exhausted and defeated.

We’ve got 54 days to get this right. You can end your year strong by identifying the biggest excuse that’s been holding you back. And then creating a mantra that will quickly bring focus back to what you want most and take action.

Your goal is too important to wait. You don’t have to let yourself down one more season.

You’ve got the power to create a healthy mindset. You can take action in the moment and move closer to your goal.

If you’d like support and accountability around this strategy,  get in touch with me for a complimentary  Breakthrough Session, . We’ll spend 45 minutes getting to the heart of the matter and create an action plan for you.

We've got this. Until next time, take good care friends and finish strong.


Lisa Bobyak, Living Fully Balanced, and creator of The Complete Living Fully Balanced Program, helps busy women balance their lives and create space for what matters most. Because she’s overcome unexpected challenges herself, and thrived in spite of them, Lisa is compelled to help others do the same. The Living Fully Balanced approach is simple, yet the results are profound. Her clients increase their energy, decrease their stress and create balance… by their own definition. Schedule a time for your complimentary Breakthrough Session. We can see if now’s the time to find your missing link.