Start Your Journey to Balance

with Other Like-Minded Women


Imagine being surrounded by women who GET IT.

Who know what it’s like to live in a constant state of activity, drowning in to-dos, and wondering if life will ever slow down – just a little.

Women who aren’t afraid to reveal the truth about what they’re struggling with and who welcome your truth-telling too, without judgment. 

There’s nothing more comforting than having the space and the sounding boards to reveal what weighs so heavily on your shoulders.


 Community and connection is healing for the soul. 

Combine that with the wisdom and expertise of a seasoned Life Balance and Leadership Coach who’s been in your shoes, and you’ll discover how to transform those challenges into a lifestyle that includes your wellbeing and joy too.


 Introducing the

Love Your Life Again Program

This is an intimate 12-week group coaching experience that increases your capacity to manage the beautiful and the taxing components of your daily life, while also creating space to care for yourself.



Love Your Life Again is designed for high-achieving (and quite possibly, highly-stressed) women who are ready to truly thrive – not just survive –every single day. 

Here’s how to tell if it’s the right fit for you:

  • You want more control over your time and your schedule

  • You wish for balance but don’t know what that looks like

  • You want to increase your energy, focus, and capacity

  • You’re craving a community of like-minded women who get you

  • You want support and guidance on HOW to make changes


Lessons: Every other week, you’ll receive a self-study webinar that introduces you to a principle of the Living Fully Balanced Methodology with an accompanying homework assignment.

Group Calls: Following each webinar, you’ll be invited to join a bi-weekly group video call (60 minutes each) with the other women in the group to discuss your challenges and celebrate your triumphs. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions: You’ll receive 4 private 1:1 sessions (60 minutes each) with me to personalize your experience, customize an action plan and to unravel any roadblocks to moving forward with clarity and confidence.  

Private Community: In between lessons and calls, you’ll have the freedom to connect with other members of the group and connect with me through our private Facebook group, text, email, and Voxer. You’re not in this alone.

Bonus: You’ll receive the Living Fully Balanced Life Planner, the one tool that will become the place for all of your goals and aspirations, all the to-do’s and tasks… both personal and professional. 



I was starting to drown and going into a downward spiral. I didn’t know how to deal with all of the changes in my family. I’m in the sandwich generation and both my parents and my children are needing me. Your program was better than therapy for me. I learned skills at the beginning of each week, and I loved the support and community I felt with the other group members. These women knew what was going on in my life, and it was so helpful to take what we were learning together and share what was working in our lives. After working with Lisa, I sleep well, have more energy and am feeling in control of my life.
— Suzy Ellis, Long Lake, MN
This is a life changing program that addresses any areas of your life where you desire to make long term change. It’s not a quick fix or a class where you just show up 1 time a week and listen. This is an active participant class where each person uses the tools and motivation provided by an authentic and compassionate coach who understands what it takes for you to reach your goals.
— Michele K., Ohio
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