Hi there! 

I'm Lisa Bobyak and I believe that we can all live balanced lives. (hang in with me, all of you type A achievers. I had my doubts, too.)

I know that there are people who don't believe balance is possible. And maybe you're one of those who prefer to call it "work/life integration" or "fluidity". That's cool. 

But, I know that a feeling of balance is possible for all of us when our choices align with our values. It's that simple. AND I totally understand that it's not that easy. 

Professional Stuff

I've been trained through The Coaches Training Institute, and I love working with high achieving professional women and organizations to increase their energy, capacity and focus. 

These women know they've got important work to do in this world. The constant daily striving and grinding may have temporarily helped them rise up the corporate ladder. Yet, they've seen how it's taken a toll on their energy levels, their capacity to keep all the balls in the air and on their ability to lead and love effectively and with passion. 

I'm a lover of learning, and I've combined current research in the fields of positive psychology, personal development and leadership with personal experience and I've developed The Living Fully Balanced Life Plan System. This is a system that busy women on a mission use for long term energy and ongoing focus. 

With every coaching and speaking client of mine, the Living Fully Balanced Life Plan System becomes the blueprint I use to gain control of time, achieve complete clarity and confidence in dreams and goals AND shift mindsets so that we feel clear and fully present in each moment.  

The Living Fully Balanced Life Plan System

1. Envision

2. Clarify

3. Energize

4. Focus

5. Influence




Meet Lisa, Personal Development and Leadership Coach


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I love working with high achieving women and organizations, increasing their energy and focus, so they can lead with excellence and live with balance. I've been transforming women’s lives for over 13 years through my inspirational and educational presentations as well as through my private coaching. However, I'm best known for my proven signature program, The Love Your Life Again Program. I've authored 7 Days to Loving Your Life Again, and I'm the creator of the Living Fully Balanced Life Planner (due to launch December 2018).

I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Elementary Education. I've lived in the Twin Cities of Minnesota since 1999.  My two daughters were raised in the Wayzata, MN area, and now they're happily settled into young adult life of their own. 

So now, that I'm an empty nester, I get to spend all my time doing what I love: speaking, writing and coaching women, enjoying music, practicing yoga, bike riding, drinking red wine and indulging in dark chocolate. 

I'd love to help you begin to experience balance while increasing your capacity. Click here to download your free copy of 7 Days to Loving Your Life Again

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