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"I was turning 50 and realized that the decisions I make now will have an important impact on my future. My health, career and financial state were in serious need of attention and causing major stress in my life. I knew I made the right choice when I noticed the changes I was making were taking hold and producing positive results. Lisa is authentic and compassionate. She understands what it takes for you to reach your goals."- Michele Krampitz

"I just had to share with you how great it feels to live fully balanced and healthy. I'm down 5 pounds, which I'm so excited about! Everyday I'm learning to love myself more and my mind just seems so clear. I don't crave fast food anymore. I thank God everyday for finding you, and for you leading me on this path. You're the best Lisa!!!"   - Megan Larson

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The proven Living Fully Balanced Life Plan System is the foundation for my Private Coaching, Hybrid Group Programs and VIP Intensives.

Living Fully Balanced with Lisa

During my podcasts, I interview experts, talk with successful clients and I share effective strategies so you can create calm for yourself, even among our chaotic days.



I've been transforming women’s lives for over 13  years. 

My speaking topics are often centered around Balance, Resilience and building Capacity.

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